Friday, December 31, 2010

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan & My Epiphany

I'm watching The Wrath of Khan and I just realized something.

Spock and Kirk were more than friends.

Spock dies in this one and Kirk is really demonstrative and crushed.  Then in the next one he risks his career and is terribly upset when Spock comes back and does not remember him.  And in all the other movies it's like it's the two of them against everything else.

It's like a romance novel, the adventure, the angst, and lord knows I love a good romance novel.

The only thing Star Trek doesn't have is screaming hot sex.

But then I guess it wouldn't be on TV.

Anyway I was watching the movie and it suddenly clicked - Star Trek is a romance novel but with two men instead of a man and a woman.

Think about it - Spock and Kirk are always together and they are very dependent on one another, and they are emotionally invested in their relationship.

Neither one seem to ever get emotional over a woman.  Kirk has sex, a lot according to the TV show and the movies, but nothing serious.

So there is my epiphany;  Spock and Kirk were more than commander and first officer, more than friends.

I think they were lovers.

Good for them...

The New Year...

I have a few things to blog about:

1.  Some restaurants I've been to
2.  Things we've been doing to finish setting up the house
3.  Life

But I'll blog on those later.

Right now I'm going to keep it short and sweet and tell you what my New Year's Resolutions are.

Because you have to have at least one, right?

So aside from the obvious one - the one everyone tries to embrace - weight loss, better eating, more exercise, yada, yada, yada....

This is what my goals are for 2011.

1.  Find joy in the little things in my life.
2.  Don't worry so much.
3.  Do some volunteer work.
4.  Take a class (and I'm not talking about another puppy class - although I'm doing that too).
5.  Take up a hobby.
6.  Last but certainly not least...have more wild crazy monkey sex with my husband (this is always a good one, not hard either!).

Items 4 and 5 may be linked.  We'll see.

1 and 2 may take some time and practice - but hey...I'm a work in progress.

Baby steps.

Anyway, Happy New Year!

May all your goals be achieved and you have health and happiness in the new year!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

tqla Houston - Yummy!

The hubby and I went to eat on Christmas Eve.

We were going to go to a Vietnamese restaurant, but the smells coming out of the Mexican restaurant next door were too yummy to pass up.

So we walked into tqla.

And oh my, do they have a beautiful bar.

It's a full bar plus (I think this what the waiter said) they have over 100 different kinds of Tequila.

If it's not over 100, then it's a lot. The Mr. had a $25 Margarita made with Grand Marnier - I even liked it and I don't like Margaritas - he LOVED it!

I, of course, do not drink Tequila. But I do drink Vodka - and they made me a very tastee Belvedere Martini with a splash of Cranberry juice.


Then we looked at the menu.

And started salivating.

And ordering...

We decided to go with a selection of appetizers instead of a main dish.

We wanted a sampler platter.

So we ordered:

Queso Blanco with Poblanos and Chorizo
Guacamole Fresca
Crawfish Corncakes

and last but not least....


It was like a little piece of heaven. This would be another place that serves food crack. Like Lola's.

I mean WOW is the only way I can describe it.

And guess who else was eating there in the table next to us...

Billy Gibbons.

Yep the lead singer for ZZ Top and Angela's mom Dad on Bones.

And he said hello to us on his way out!

We didn't get up and talk to him or ask for a photo because well, that's rude. After all it was Christmas Eve and he was out with family / friends, not working.

But we did make eye contact and he did say hello.

It's my second famous person since we came back to Houston!

My first was Barbara Bush.

Gotta love Texas!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Shen Yun - Don't waste your money.

The husband and I went to a show that was in town.

Shen Yun.

It's a Chinese dance / singing show.

We didn't know about the singing part, we just thought it was Chinese dance - similar to a ballet with a story line, costumes, dancing etc... but in a traditional Chinese way.

We go, we're sitting in our seats, which were o.k. but no where near as nice as our seats to the ballet last week (and the SY tickets were 50% more expensive) and the show starts.

Two people, a man and a women, come out before the dancers and start commentating on the upcoming performance.

In English and Chinese.

Hmmmm, o.k. kinda weird.  I've never been to a show where they have someone come out to explain what's going to happen - you usually just read the program.  But o.k. having a brief overview at the beginning, while odd, may be nice.

That's if you even care about what the interpretation of the dance is.

Which I don't.  I just like to watch the dance, see how good they are - if they can stay in time with one another etc...  I'm more into the mechanics of the dance itself rather than the interpretive aspects of it.

In my opinion it's amazing how the dancers dance in synchronicity, how strong they are to gain the heights they do when they jump, how flexible they are, etc... it just shows how hard they work to attain the level of grace they have.

While the Chinese dancers were beautiful and graceful and I'm sure they practice a lot, they weren't exactly in sync with one another.

And it was jarring.  Imagine you are watching 15 people dancing and 13 of them are in complete sync with one another and two are not.  13 people are the exact same distance from one another, and 2 are not.  13 hit their marks on time and, you guessed it, 2 don't.

I spent the first 1/2 of the show being driven insane by the outliers. Thinking; ARGH!!!! PULL THEM OUT OF THE DANCE!!!! THEY ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!!!  THEY SUCK!

Then the other thing that was amazing to me - the commentators.  They commentated before each dance or singer.  It was like I was back in high school.  You know when they give the two kids with no talent speaking parts and they stand at the stage to talk to everyone - like the narrator that isn't really needed.  But the kids have to do something but you can't put them in the show because they suck so bad and have no talent.

Well guess what, they suck at narrating too.  I just wanted to stand up and tell them to shut up we can all read and if we are interested we'll read the program we don't need it read to us.

Because that's basically what they are doing - reading the program to the audience.

It got to the point where I was holding back my laughter it was so ridiculous.  So was my husband.

I love my husband - we're two peas in a pod.

He asked me after the 3rd act; "Umm, do you want to leave at the intermission?".

Me; "Well I'll stay if you want to stay - we did pay a lot of money for these tickets.  But I'll go if you want to go..."

He's like; "This sucks, let's go and grab dinner."


So at the intermission we get up and as we are walking out the guy at the door asks if we're coming back.  We both said; "uh NO!"  And shook our heads.

And we were not the only ones - there were about 5 other couples who looked like they were leaving too.  It was that bad.

The costumes were good, they were pretty, but the show was really bad.

They had a projector which put the background or the set on a big screen in the back.  It was really fake and done really bad.  My husband, who is a huge techno geek, was ripping that apart.  Apparently, to him, it looked like they were using software from the 90's to do the background and the effects.

He said it looked like they used a Commodore 64 to do the graphics.

Oh, sorry I just looked this up:

I should have said it looked like they were using software from the 80's.

Anyway the point is the show sucked.

But we had a good time because my husband and I are on the same wave length - we spent the first half of dinner ripping the show apart.  But we did agree that the costumes were nice.

And we had a lovely dinner and drinks, one we wouldn't have had if we had stayed at the show.

I love my husband.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gracie...19 Weeks

Here she is 9 weeks:

This is her at 16 weeks:

And here we are at 19 weeks:


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have a pony in the house...

My puppy is no longer a puppy.

She's a pony.

She still smells like puppy.

But she's as big as a small horse.

Well not really, but she is getting big - she's just past 4.5 months old and her head is above my knee.

We had to buy a bigger kennel - the intermediate one is completely too small for her - she couldn't sit upright in it.

So now we have the XXL one sitting in the living room trying to figure out the best place to put it because it is GIGANORMOUS!

We could have just purchased the XL one but I have no idea how fast she's going to keep growing.  The vet says her growth should be more stable over the next 3 - 4 months.  But even if she only gains 2lbs a week that's still 8lbs a month.

And over the past few weeks she's been on the 5lb a week weight gain track not the 2lb per week.  Let me say this, even gaining 5lbs a week she is not a fat puppy.  Not skinny by any stretch of the imagination - but not fat either.

Growing like weed our little Gracie is.

I need to take another photo of the two of us together - documenting the growth!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Bad dreams with babies and Archie Bunker

I had a horrible dream last night.

I dreamed that I was in Archie Bunker's (I know, super weird right?!) New York City penthouse that he was sharing with Tom Selleck (again very weird).

They both had children, infants.  Both were single parents with nanny's.

I was at the house for whatever dream reason and the nannies, Tom and Archie were fliting in and out of the penthouse in a weird dreamy sort of way.

Then all of a sudden I was holding an infant (Archie Bunker's) and I was in the living room holding the baby, reaching for something when Archie like jumped out at me.

It scared me and I almost dropped the baby, but I didn't.

But apparently in my dream the almost drop was enough to give the baby shaken baby syndrome.  And his (I'm pretty sure it was a he) head started swelling and I freaked out because I thought OMG I've killed a baby!

Then I woke up.

And I can't tell you how disturbed I was by the fact that I dream killed a baby.

Who dream kills a baby?!

I mean the baby didn't actually die in my dream but I knew that a swelling head was not good and that the baby was most likely going to die.

Who in the hell dreams of Archie Bunker?!

And why, for the love of God, was this not a Tom Selleck sex dream?!

I kinda know why I dreamed about Tom and Archie and the babies - I was in a retro store last week and I saw a baby doll box.

Yes that is Archie Bunker and yes it's a Archie Bunker grandson baby doll.  He came with diapers and a bottle - I looked in the box because I had never heard of a baby doll for Archie before.,id,1502560.html

It's apparently worth 90 USD - I should go buy it because I think it was only 20 USD at the store.

It's a really creepy doll and it creeps me out that not only did someone think this was a good idea to make, but someone actually bought one of these for their kid.

It scares me to think that someone thought - "Hey!  An Archie Bunker doll.  I'm going to buy that for my little girl!".  Because back in the 70's even anatomically correct boy dolls were for girls not boys.

The doll actually had a little baby penis (the doll was naked in the box).  But I can't remember if it had little baby balls or not.  I was too shocked that it had a penis.

Hmmmm......I'll have to look when I go back.

Anyway - I also know why Tom Selleck was in my dream - I just finished watching all of the Jesse Stone movies - which by the way I really like.

What I want to know is why did the baby have to be on it's way to dying in my dream.

I think that's one of the worst dreams I've ever had.

Even worse than the one where Freddy Kruger was after me, had killed everyone in the house and I woke up as the tip of his ax hit the back of my neck - after going through the wall.

Or the one where I was 4 months pregnant, trying to convince my baby daddy that no, I do not want to keep the baby, I want to finish university and I am going to give the baby up for adoption.

The pregnancy one was so real that I patted down my stomach to make sure it really was a dream when I woke up.  Talk about a relief when I patted a flat stomach!

But the relief of not being pregnant doesn't come close to the relief I felt when I realized that it was a dream and I didn't shake a baby to death.  I'd rather be pregnant than shake a baby to death.


Lord, I hope my dreams tonight are much more pleasant.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Lights in the Heights and a Christmas Photo

Last night we went to Lights in the Heights:

We hadn't been to a Lights in the Heights since 2004.  I loved it!

There was a house decorated like Rudolph.

The houses where decorated so nicely.  I really liked the colored lights.

The hubby and I had great time - a little girl gave him a glow stick and he wore it proudly.

 You can't really see it unless you click on the photo but there were CUPCAKES from What's up Cupcakes!

They were almost as good as the CRAVE cupcakes!

And before we went out we took this photo:

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tom Selleck and Steven Segal - there is no contest.

I feel like crap and I've run out of movies that are easy to watch when you feel like crap.

I've been watching the Jesse Stone movies, and they represent everything I like in a movie.

1.  Good guy against bad guy and the good guy wins.
2.  Good guy just knocks the bad guy around sometimes just because he needs it.
3.  The bad guys, the really bad ones, are always killed.
4.  Jesse Stone drinks good scotch.
5.  Tom Selleck is a good actor.
6.  Tom Selleck is the quintessential good looking, ruggedly handsome, good guy.
7.  Tom Selleck gets better looking the older he gets.
8.  Tom Selleck.

Anyway now I'm looking for some other movie / TV show to watch on itunes.  Too bad Magnum PI isn't on there yet.

I refuse to purchase any Steven Segal films.  That man doesn't realize that the coat he constantly wears does not hide the fact that he is out of shape and he is way too old to be beating the crap out of guys 1/2 his age.

He needs to work out and then watch Tom.

But of course that won't change the fact that he can't act.

So if anyone out there is reading this and has any suggestions on what to watch when you're laying on the couch like a potato because you feel like shit, please feel free to comment.

I prefer action adventure but the good guys must always win.  I also like comedy.

I don't watch drama.  If I want to cry I'll watch the news.

I need to slow down...

I cannot tell you how good I feel after having my surgery.

Better than I did before - I'm not uncomfortable and no longer have a constant low grade pain which would spike during "that time of the month".

So of course since I feel "better" I think I can go 90 miles an hour.

Take long brisk walks.

Move furniture (i.e. the couch when I drop something and it rolls so far under I can't reach).

Run errands all day, then unpack a bit...

Then I'm exhausted AND now I'm feeling sore again around my incisions.

As a friend reminded me today - I had major organs taken out, I'm healing from the inside out and I need to take it easy.

There is a reason the doctor makes you take six weeks off...

So I think I'm going to try to be intelligent about this and take it easy for the next two days.

Because I want to go to Lights in the Heights and I don't want to be too pooped to enjoy it.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cookies, Christmas and the Nutcracker

Why oh why can't I stay away from my cookies?!

I ate the last 7 (yes I said SEVEN) that I had left out of the batch I made last week.  You might as well call me Santa Clause.

My cookies are REALLY good - I use coarsely ground sea salt in them and add extra butter.

Oh, sorry I mean Butter.

Because you know Butter should always, at a minimum, be capitalized.  I prefer that it be capitalized, italicized, and put in BOLD.

Fortunately I gave half of the cookies away to friends.  So at least I didn't shove the ENTIRE batch in my mouth.

Only 1/2 the batch was shoveled into my mouth.

Isn't that an unsavory visual?

My goal is to not make anymore this year.

Or at least not this week.

I WILL lose weight (this is something I chant to myself).

Well I usually think it's to myself until I notice people moving slowly away from me...

Anyway, I've lost 9lbs since my surgery and so far so good with not gaining it back.

I also lost 2 dress sizes, but I think that's because I no longer have fibroids.  Apparently my uterus was more than twice the size of a normal one.

So my stomach is no longer poking out.  Which is EXCELLENT!

And I already feel better than I have in ages.  Of course part of that I'm sure is due to the fact I'm back in AMERICA!

Where life is SUPER GOOD.  This is what I've been working on for this month...

I made plans with the hubby to go see the Nutcracker

And I'm hoping I can find someone to go to the Lights in the Heights with me:

I really enjoy it but haven't been since we moved out of the country.  This would be my first time in 6 years, but my husband is in the UK this week and will not be back until Sunday.

So I'm looking for someone else to go with.

We wanted to go to Dickens on the Strand ( but didn't for 2 reasons.

1.  We forgot

2.  Even if we didn't forget the hubby went out of town this weekend and we had a Christmas party to go to (which was fun!).

But we mostly didn't go because we forgot.

I'm going to see if there is anything else in town this month - and we may go to Asheville, NC and who knows I may go see my sister.

Decisions, Decisions....

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Gracie is 16 Weeks Old!

We've hit the 4 month mark, all shotted up and now we can go to the dog park!


She's growing like a weed.

Here she is at 9 weeks:

11 Weeks:

13 weeks:

And this, this is 16 weeks:

Excuse the mess in this one - but we're still unpacking and sorting.

Can you believe how big she is?!

And she's so sweet, big and sweet.

And laid back - so much that it's like she's on tranquilizers.

I need to measure her so I can track how fast she's growing - as soon as I find my tape measure!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Post In My New Blog!

What a life I have...

 My husband took this photo of me and Gracie sleeping about 6 days after my surgery.  No she doesn't sleep in the bed with us at night - it's not big enough for a 6' 2" man, me and 160lb dog.

Yes I said 160.  She's not that big now - but she will be, or is estimated to be that big.  And I don't feel like trying to get a very large dog to stay on her bed on the floor at night after she's been sleeping in my bed every night.

She's only in the bed because she had been in the kennel while I was out with surgery and she wanted to see me.  She'd been whining and walking around the bed trying to see me.  I was all drugged up so wasn't really in a position to sit up and make nice.

So my husband asked if I wanted her on the bed.  And I said yes (clearly I was completely doped up on pain killers, thank God, because this photo was taken literally minutes after I said yes).

I may regret it in the future but I figure as long as I don't let her sleep overnight in the bed we'll be OK.

If not I'll deal with it then.

So I decided since he got a not very flattering photo of me sleeping with the smush I'd get one of him when the opportunity presented.

Well it presented tonight.

And here it is...

Now I ask, how in the hell is that comfortable in any way shape or form?  You can't see her bottom half - but she's completely splayed out on her back with her legs hanging open and her neck and head are at a 90 degree angle to her body.

And I didn't have the camera ready earlier but Gracie was literally walking on my husband and he didn't wake up.  He had to get up very early this morning for a conference call with either Europe or the Middle East so needless to say he sacked out about 8pm.

Gracie was laying next to him, then she started walking on him.  And he didn't wake up and I was so disappointed that I could find my camera (which has video) before she stopped and flopped over next to him.

Oh well - maybe next time...

Anyway this new blog is taking place of my old one because I'm not an American living outside the US any more - YEAH!  So I needed a new blog about my most excellent life in America.  And this is it!

I need to spend more time on the format but I figured it was more important to write then worry about how pretty it is .

Aren't you excited?!  It's a whole new world!!!