Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Reason Why I Haven't Been Posting Much Lately...

Aside from just being LAZY, this...this is the reason why I haven't been as prolific on my blog. 

Give a warm welcome to our new furbaby, Katie Marie.  She's 11 weeks now - in this photo I think she was 10 weeks.  We just got her on May 14, 2011.  And she's a handful - a really fun handful - but a handful.  By herself she's a handful.

But with her partner in crime - Gracie Jane - it's not double trouble but trouble to the fourth power!

But man is it fun!  I'm so glad we got Katie.  She's so different than Gracie.  More alert, not as laid back and pokie.  They really compliment each other.  And they LOVE to play together.

So much so it's hard to get a good photo of them, but here's one I like...

Crazy eye one and two!

So cute!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Well I'm still here...

The world was suppose to end on Saturday.

At 6:00 local time.

Wherever you were.

The Rapture you know.

So...I had some cookies.

Some Martinis.

And didn't clean my house, because, well...why clean it if the "Rapture" is coming.

I figured I was either going to ascend to Heaven or die when the Earth blew up.

And really in either of those scenarios I was pretty sure I wasn't going to care what my house looked like.

Well guess what?!

It didn't happen.

So I'm here - with a tummy ache (I'm assuming from all of the cookies and alcohol I ingested) getting ready to clean my messy house.

Next weekend my father-in-law is coming to town and we get to spend our Memorial Day, not eating BBQ at my best friend's house, but going to the Indian Temple for a religious ceremony.

It's to celebrate his 70th birthday (which happened last year), so we can't say no.


1.  He's having it here in Houston specifically so my husband and I can (will) go.
2.  It's his 71st birthday.
3.  He's flying all the way from Dubai to have the function.

My brother-in-law is coming too (he's not my favorite person, lazy is an understatement), his wife (really not a fan of hers), and their demon spawn (they never say the word no to the kids so you can just imagine - they are horrible and we can't stand them).

So the house needs to be spotless and doggie mess free, looking good so I can give them the virtual finger.

Here goes nothing....

btw if you are worried about your pets after the Rapture but before the world blows up.  Don't worry! Apparently you can pay a one time ten dollar fee to have a non-christian volunteer (who shall remain nameless due to privacy issues) take care of your animal.

Just Google "After the rapture pet care" you actually have choices.

Now the person who thought of that was a smart person...

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Here I am!

Well I'm back from the wilds of France.

I've decided that I need to win the lottery.

The BIG Lottery.

You know, the one where you never have to work another day in your life.

Provided you do the right thing and invest your winnings, NEVER spend the principle, and live off the interest.

I'm talking about the 400 million dollar lottery.

Because if you win that then you take home about 240 million.

Invest that conservatively at 5% and that'll give you about 12 million a year in income.

70% of that (because, well taxes) is 8.4 million which is about 700,000 a month.

I can live off that, can you?

Anyway, our time in the Loire Valley was incredible.

I love this place:

That's why I'm blogging about it again.

I'm in love!  I want to live here forever!  Well not in France - I really just want to be able to go here whenever I want!

Those are the lions that you see when you first come into the house.  And I just realized this is the only photo I have of the foyer, one from upstairs. Well.  I guess I'm just going to have to go back to get one of the foyer from the front door because this photo doesn't even begin to let you see the beauty of the hall.

Perfect reason to go back right?!

Here is another photo

This is of the grounds - wow right.

Well that's all for now - the internet connection at the coffee shop sucks so it's taking forever to upload these.

We're in the process of trying to find a similar place in Italy for next year.