Friday, November 11, 2011

Texas Renaissance Festival

Oh yeah baby!

I'm going to the "RenFest" this weekend~!

See how I use the lingo?

And they have THEMED WEEKENDS people!

And this weekend is....

Highland Fling!

And guess what the weekend is when my sister is in town~?

Celtic Christmas!!!

Here is the menu for that weekend:

Quiche Cinnamon Rolls
Fried Turkey Breast (on a stick)
Sweet Potatoes
Tameales with Aguas Frescas
Prime Rib Trencher
The King’s Kettle Corn

O.K. I'm not so into Tamales or Kettle Corn but I'm defiantly into QUICHE CINNAMON ROLLS!!!

I love Quiche and I FRICKEN adore cinnamon rolls.

The menu for this weekend is not quite so exciting:

Scotch Egg
Shepherd’s Pie
Peasant’s Pocket
Seafood Boat
Peasant Potatoes
Red Rooster Trencher
Banana, Chocolate, Strawberry Pudding in a Cone

To be quite honest none of that sounds really good to me.  Maybe peasant pocket?  If it's like an empanada I'll like it...maybe.

Anyway it looks like a good time - stay tuned for the photos! 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gross, Gross, Gross!

I started watching this show:  Tera Nova.

It's o.k. - I like it.

But on the show today they had a 30 foot parasite being pulled out of a guys intestine.


Need I say more????