Thursday, October 6, 2011

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Well I'm back!

We moved into our new house the first weekend of October and the internet didn't get set up until last night.

I don't blog from work, because's work.

So I've been offline because I've been really stressed out, and here's why:

I've been:

Dealing with crappy new neighbors.

Can you believe I moved next door to psycho hippies?!  We wanted to replace the wrought iron fence because we have dogs and the neighbors beside us have kids they babysit, and the ones behind have grandkids.

Kids poke at dogs.

Dogs get pissed and bite.

I don't want to be sued - even though the little bastards would deserve it.

So I thought I was being a good neighbor - informing and getting buy in from them.

She said o.k. - replace the fence, but let's double check with my husband.


I checked - he said go ahead.

Then I get the fence guy out and she comes over and says - I changed my mind.

Why did she change her mind do you ask?

1.  She was attached to the wisteria growing on the fence that encroached into my yard about 3 feet.
2.  She said she liked to see into my yard so she could pretend that it was part of hers because she was - and I quote - "a country girl".
3.  She thought being able to see straight into my house would ensure our home's security because she could report anything unusual.

Can you say really nosey neighbor?!

I said, hmmm - well I need to tell you the fence is going up.  Regardless.


1.  I have very large dogs and you have kids over.
2.  I find it really creepy that you want to see into my home (at which point she said if we didn't want her to see anything we could just pull the blinds - WTF?!  Really?!)
3.  When I walk around the house nude she didn't need to see.
4.  When I have sex with my husband - she didn't need to watch.

She responded - well let me talk to my husband...

You do that honey...

So I went back a few days later - The husband said yes go ahead and replace the fence (btw we were doing this at our cost - NOT asking them to split it).

And I told him the Jasmine on the fence was dying so we were going to cut it back.  He said OK.

Our landscaper - who also put in our fence was there for the conversation.

So he cuts back the Jasmine, and I leave to go out with my husband.

Then I get a phone call - the husband was freaking out about the Jasmine...because his wife flipped her lid over it.

Really?!  Seriously?!  It's a fucking weed.  The shit is growing back as I speak.

But not for long I'm killing that shit.

The next day (Monday) the fence guy meets me at the house so I can pay him and he's going to start the fence job.  I pay him, discuss the fence and leave.

No sooner do I leave then he calls me and tells me the neighbors came out telling them to stop.  Seriously?!  ARGH!!!

So I calle a lawyer.  Fuck being nice.  Look where it got me.

He said if I went ahead I would win in a lawsuit because they said yes, I relied on it, paid the contractor, and he had started work when they stopped him.

So...They took down the fence - the neighbor yelled at me.  And we don't talk to them.


I'm still waiting for papers to be served to me since she was so pissed about the fence and the removal of her weeds.

I guess she'll think twice before giving permission again.


I had to pack in 5 days because I decided to move sooner than originally planned - because going back and forth between houses was making me freak out.

Packing really is a pain when you do it yourself.  Really it is.

Home Chores:

Dealing with foundation guy.
Dealing with the electrician - who by the way still isn't finished.  We have light fixtures hanging by wires, rooms with no working outlets etc...
Fencing - need I say more.
Painting - the ceiling is finished in the middle of the house, one wall is painted, two are partially painted, and one room is fully prepped.

Painting is a pain - but expensive to have someone else do so I'm doing it myself.

The actual move.  It's painful no matter how you do it.  Unless of course you have more money than God and you can hire someone to both pack and unpack everything for you so you just have to go on holiday and come back to a perfectly unpacked home.

Wouldn't that be nice?

The unpacking.

Which is not even close to being finished.

I've also been dealing with:

Katie - she's off to boarding school because I decided I didn't have enough experience to deal with her leash aggression.  According to the trainer she's making good progress.


And as far as dealing with stress, here's something good...

I've been...


Can you believe it?!

A friend and I started walking Memorial Park about 2 months ago and our time has gone from:

1 hour - at a very leisurely pace to 42 minutes where we are jogging and briskly walking.

The loop is 3 miles which means I've been doing less than 15 minute miles.

I'm pretty impressed with myself.

Go me!  According to Joel...I, or rather we, are GODDESSES!!!

I can roll with that.

Well now that I've kinda caught you up on my life - future posts should me more prolific.

And S.  If you read this send me your story.

I want to read it!


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