Saturday, December 31, 2011


I never get tired of looking at these faces...

Katie Marie

Gracie Jane - and my husband.

Katie again...I love the iPhone apps...


Here are some photos of the progress we've made on the house!

We only have 1.5 rooms left to paint....oops I mean 2.5 I forgot the sunroom!

And by we I mean my husband...

Here are the before and afters....

Me in the kitchen before we moved in

 Here it is after it was painted

The corner to the right

This is to the left - I LOVE this color - it's called Moss Green

And this is the same corner to the left after we put up some pictures.

This is the view down toward the kitchen from the front door.

This was yesterday almost looking down to the kitchen from the front door.  As you can see we still have a long way to go but it looks so much better now!

This is a before picture of the wall where we hung the mirror.

Here is a close up - the paintings on the left I painted and the one on the right my husband painted.

Here is the guest room before (I really do not like yellow!).

And this is after - it's dark outside and the double doors are closed where they are open above.  We painted it a denim and khaki color (it's called oatmeal but looks more like khaki).  Much nicer!

This is the little room next to the master bedroom - looking down toward the guest room.

This is the same room - just a bit of a different angle - looking more into the room than down the hall.  But the doorway is the same as the one above. We painted it Walnut. 

This is one of the bathrooms - yellow with navy tile.  YUCK!

Here it is painted with some photos on the wall.  I'll have to take better photos so you can really see the difference.

 This is the mirror above the sink - they took the one that was here when we viewed it - but I like this one much better.

 I'll post more as we make more progress.


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thanksgiving - a month late...

Guess what I did this year!?!?!?

I made Thanksgiving dinner.

With my sister.  She came into town to spend Thanksgiving with me.  And we cooked.

 Gracie and Katie watched us cook - hoping for a taste.

Of Ruth Cris sweet potato casserole (I made it from their recipe online).

Pumpkin Pie - from scratch, except the crust.

My tastee, tastee turkey!  I stuffed the cavity with two sticks of butter then my sister put another stick under the skin.  You know, the secret of life is Butter.

After we prepared everything we took the girls to the park.  Isn't Gracie cute!?

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Babies

How fricken' cute is this?!

 Little Katie Marie snoozing...

And here... Gracie and Katie hogging the bed.  How comfortable does Gracie look...I mean really you'd think they were in their own bed...

And here they are again chillin' in the living room - of course you can tell it's a bit of a mess.
Oh well...

Demon eye in her baby bed...I can't believe she got her big 120lb body into this bed I bought her when she was only 30lbs.

I can't find a photo of her in the bed when I first bought it for her but you can kinda see here that she was small enough to fit into it with room left over...

Waiting for treats....

My sister with Gracie - can you believe how big Gracie is compared to her?  She's 5'6" and looks like a midget.

So sweet...Gracie asleep.
I love my furbabies....

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Texas Renaissance Festival

We went on the Highland themed weekend on the 11th (I know this post is late...but better late than NEVER!!!) and we had a great time.

When we first arrived I couldn't believe my eyes!  It was Lorenzo Lamas!

Well maybe not - but he kinda looked like him.  Nice chest though huh?

We walked a bit more and saw a centaur.  Who knew the people who go to these events have such awesome costumes?!  I'm not joking either.  This guy had the BEST costume it was really well made.  I didn't get a good photo - which was disappointing.

He was a very, very large man.  He's to the right of the woman with the wings and in front of the guy looking at me taking the photo.

This photo kinda got his face and you can see he's much taller than everyone else.

 Here's a photo of a wizard - his staff was pretty cool

There were even people not dressed up in the period - these two above were dressed up as Stargate people (not sure of the proper name for them...).

This guy was a little creepy - he had claws on his fingers and was caressing his girlfriend / wife's neck with them.

This guy was a little cutie - I felt a bit stalkerish when I took the photo - but hey - he had a nice body and he was showing it off...

Barbarian Horde!

I couldn't figure out if this guy was passed out or just taking a nap.  As I walked past him I saw this in the distance....

I thought Yum!  They must be like the elephant ears you get at the fair.  WRONG!

This is where you actually get elf ears applied to your own ears.  Disappointed doesn't even cover how I felt.  Betrayed maybe?

We walked a bit further and saw these guys above...Pagans.  They went to a lot of trouble with their costumes - just like the centaur did.

This guy - he was a bit scary.  He had like NO body fat.  Let me just say I don't find that very attractive - although he did have a nice body.

Barbarian weekend was the next one - so I think some of these guys were practicing for "their" weekend.

And then as we left the park we saw this...

Plage Victim - begging for money. We gave her a quarter.

That's a lot for the Renaissance time period right?