Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I got a new hat!!!!

I LOVE hats!

My husband is my enabler...

We went to the market - the Saturday Market in Anchorage.

And bought this hat - from a Russian lady.  Yes.  It's fur.  I'm not telling you what kind...but I will tell you that it's oh, so, soft!

This is me the next day on the way to Fairbanks to see my brother.  And of course I had to wear my HAT!

It was cold and rainy - the temp was about 60 (cold for the summer for me!).

My hat kept me toasty warm!  We stopped about 1/2 way at this cool restaurant and I had some cobbler and my husband had a root beer float.  TASTEE!

He started taking some photos - I think they turned out pretty good...

 We were having a blast.

I love my husband!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gracie Jane - 11 months old

I know I should do this when Gracie turns one.

But I walked into the living room last week and saw this:

This is my little Gracie Jane napping with my husband.

My husband who is 6'2" tall.

My little sweet puppy who I use to hold like this:

Is now taller than I am when she stands up.

She's basically as big as my husband - she doesn't weigh as much but she's still growing.

I love that she's growing up and I love her to death.  But I'm a little sad that I can't cuddle her in my arms anymore...I just have to cuddle next to her!

She's such an awesome furbaby!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dreaming, Dreaming, Dreaming...

I've been having dreams.

A lot of dreams.

Weird dreams.

I dreamed that there was a mountain and a ski slope on the top of my head.

And I was combing my hair.  But it didn't disturb the skiers on the slopes, on top of my head.

Very weird.

And then I dreamed that I was at someone's house.

I didn't know the people who lived there.

But I think I knew one of the guests.

Because it was a party of sorts - like a bbq.

And the woman who lived there showed me to the back yard and then left her kid with me.

THAT was a big mistake.

Because there was a hammock in the back yard.

And I really, really, wanted to lay in it.

So I did.

And while I was blissfully relaxing in the hammock the kid left the back yard.

Then everyone was like, "where is the baby?".

It really wasn't a baby - it was like a 4 or 5 year old.

So everyone is looking for the baby.

Even me - I'm looking for the baby - but kinda pissed.

Pissed that the mother put the child in my care without asking first.

Pissed that I had to get out of the hammock.

Pissed that the little shit left the yard when he/she (the kid was asexual in my dream) knew they weren't suppose to.

The child was found.  I was relieved that I didn't have to look anymore.

In my dream I didn't really give a crap about the kid.

I told the mother to not leave her kid with me ever again because I wasn't going to be responsible.

She said "Don't worry, I wasn't going to".

But she didn't make me leave the house, which in my dream I thought was really weird, but I mentally shrugged my shoulders and wen't outside to talk to my friend that was there.

All the while thinking I can't believe that bitch left her child with me, expecting me to be responsible for it, without asking.

Then I woke up.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Google

Sister Mary had a post.

It was primarily photos - some weird, some creepy, so I asked where she got them.

She told me.

Google / Random Images

So I too Googled.

And I received a completely different set of photos.

I'm kinda disappointed in what I got...

No Bert.

No meat baby.

No drawing of a butcher.

Nothing but these vaguely scientific photos.

Albert?  This came up in a Random search?!

I can kinda understand Chuck coming up - because he is, well, Random...not scientific, but random.

This looks like some weird ink blot test for evaluating someone's mental stability.

I call this one Alien Baby, Frozen.

Some kind of math, science problem.

Rat maze.

 Weird topographical map with random eyeballs.

Kinky sexual position - not scientific but interesting.

I'm so disappointed...where's my creepy Bert?!  Where's my freekie Ernie?

Where is MY meat baby?!

Change & Cafe Zelko

I'm not sure how I feel about this new blogger interface.

I'm sure I'll get use to it, but it's not that intuitive.

Especially since I've had a few drinks and I'm currently in a partial food coma.

We went to Cafe Zelko tonight.

And OMG it is GOOD!

I love, love, love their shrimp and grits.

I'm just sayin' - you can't go wrong with cheese grits cooked with real butter, bacon drippings, with crumbled bacon on top.

You. Just. Can't.

It's only 8.45pm - and I'm ready to lay down.

And wallow in my food coma.

Life is oh, so, good!

Just sayin'.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Vacation Time, Vacation Time

Ahh vacation...

That sweet, sweet time where there are no alarm clocks, schedules, or work to do.

Sleeping in, dinking around, poking my nose is local shops, seeing my brother.


Oohhh the food...

Halibut, Reindeer, pancakes, eggs, and steak, oh my!



Glacier Brew House

These are my favorite places to eat in Anchorage.

This year we'll be in Anchorage and then Fairbanks.

I haven't been to Fairbanks in about eight years.  So I don't remember much about where to eat.

But I'm sure we won't have any problems finding somewhere tastee!

Only a few more weeks and we'll be enjoying the good life.

Vacation life.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Happy 4th of JULY!

Well not until Monday, but I took Friday off work too soooo....

It's the weekend...

It's a party...

Un huh...

Oh Yeah...

Let's do it!

I played the lottery night before last and I have to say...

I'm completely gutted (learned that turn of phrase in London, kinda like it, it's pretty graphic).

I didn't win.

I do not understand why.

Why not me?

Someone has to win...I'll do it...take one for the know...sacrifice my anonymity.

Well it's up to 100mm for tomorrow.

That's the one I'll win...

And when I do - I'm not sharing it with anyone.

Just call me miss greedy pants!