Thursday, December 2, 2010

My First Post In My New Blog!

What a life I have...

 My husband took this photo of me and Gracie sleeping about 6 days after my surgery.  No she doesn't sleep in the bed with us at night - it's not big enough for a 6' 2" man, me and 160lb dog.

Yes I said 160.  She's not that big now - but she will be, or is estimated to be that big.  And I don't feel like trying to get a very large dog to stay on her bed on the floor at night after she's been sleeping in my bed every night.

She's only in the bed because she had been in the kennel while I was out with surgery and she wanted to see me.  She'd been whining and walking around the bed trying to see me.  I was all drugged up so wasn't really in a position to sit up and make nice.

So my husband asked if I wanted her on the bed.  And I said yes (clearly I was completely doped up on pain killers, thank God, because this photo was taken literally minutes after I said yes).

I may regret it in the future but I figure as long as I don't let her sleep overnight in the bed we'll be OK.

If not I'll deal with it then.

So I decided since he got a not very flattering photo of me sleeping with the smush I'd get one of him when the opportunity presented.

Well it presented tonight.

And here it is...

Now I ask, how in the hell is that comfortable in any way shape or form?  You can't see her bottom half - but she's completely splayed out on her back with her legs hanging open and her neck and head are at a 90 degree angle to her body.

And I didn't have the camera ready earlier but Gracie was literally walking on my husband and he didn't wake up.  He had to get up very early this morning for a conference call with either Europe or the Middle East so needless to say he sacked out about 8pm.

Gracie was laying next to him, then she started walking on him.  And he didn't wake up and I was so disappointed that I could find my camera (which has video) before she stopped and flopped over next to him.

Oh well - maybe next time...

Anyway this new blog is taking place of my old one because I'm not an American living outside the US any more - YEAH!  So I needed a new blog about my most excellent life in America.  And this is it!

I need to spend more time on the format but I figured it was more important to write then worry about how pretty it is .

Aren't you excited?!  It's a whole new world!!!

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