Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Pinterest, I'm Addicted

I joined Pinterest.

Now I'm addicted.  I'm trolling the internet finding things I want to buy for the house - or just want to think about buying in the future, or really just dream about buying when I win the lottery.

I'm also pinning restaurants I love.

And vacation spots I want to go to or have been that I want to go back to.

I'm not sure how to tell people to look at my pins - but I want to have some of my friends do so because I want opinions on the things I'm thinking of for the house.

Will this work I wonder?  http://pinterest.com/zimmerjr/

I've also tried to upload my photos on Picasa so I can have a slide show on my blog.  Somehow it captured about 20 photos.  Not sure how, or why those particular photos were chosen.

Especially when the site spent about 20 minutes uploading my photos.  I have literally thousands of them.

What can I say - when it comes to digital photos I'm snap happy!

But only the 20 are showing.


Face it I'm technologically challenged.  And I have no children to catch me up to speed or do it for me.

Not that I want one in house - but I may borrow my friend's 15 year old.

He should know...

Well...back to Pinterest...

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