Friday, December 24, 2010

Shen Yun - Don't waste your money.

The husband and I went to a show that was in town.

Shen Yun.

It's a Chinese dance / singing show.

We didn't know about the singing part, we just thought it was Chinese dance - similar to a ballet with a story line, costumes, dancing etc... but in a traditional Chinese way.

We go, we're sitting in our seats, which were o.k. but no where near as nice as our seats to the ballet last week (and the SY tickets were 50% more expensive) and the show starts.

Two people, a man and a women, come out before the dancers and start commentating on the upcoming performance.

In English and Chinese.

Hmmmm, o.k. kinda weird.  I've never been to a show where they have someone come out to explain what's going to happen - you usually just read the program.  But o.k. having a brief overview at the beginning, while odd, may be nice.

That's if you even care about what the interpretation of the dance is.

Which I don't.  I just like to watch the dance, see how good they are - if they can stay in time with one another etc...  I'm more into the mechanics of the dance itself rather than the interpretive aspects of it.

In my opinion it's amazing how the dancers dance in synchronicity, how strong they are to gain the heights they do when they jump, how flexible they are, etc... it just shows how hard they work to attain the level of grace they have.

While the Chinese dancers were beautiful and graceful and I'm sure they practice a lot, they weren't exactly in sync with one another.

And it was jarring.  Imagine you are watching 15 people dancing and 13 of them are in complete sync with one another and two are not.  13 people are the exact same distance from one another, and 2 are not.  13 hit their marks on time and, you guessed it, 2 don't.

I spent the first 1/2 of the show being driven insane by the outliers. Thinking; ARGH!!!! PULL THEM OUT OF THE DANCE!!!! THEY ARE DRIVING ME INSANE!!!  THEY SUCK!

Then the other thing that was amazing to me - the commentators.  They commentated before each dance or singer.  It was like I was back in high school.  You know when they give the two kids with no talent speaking parts and they stand at the stage to talk to everyone - like the narrator that isn't really needed.  But the kids have to do something but you can't put them in the show because they suck so bad and have no talent.

Well guess what, they suck at narrating too.  I just wanted to stand up and tell them to shut up we can all read and if we are interested we'll read the program we don't need it read to us.

Because that's basically what they are doing - reading the program to the audience.

It got to the point where I was holding back my laughter it was so ridiculous.  So was my husband.

I love my husband - we're two peas in a pod.

He asked me after the 3rd act; "Umm, do you want to leave at the intermission?".

Me; "Well I'll stay if you want to stay - we did pay a lot of money for these tickets.  But I'll go if you want to go..."

He's like; "This sucks, let's go and grab dinner."


So at the intermission we get up and as we are walking out the guy at the door asks if we're coming back.  We both said; "uh NO!"  And shook our heads.

And we were not the only ones - there were about 5 other couples who looked like they were leaving too.  It was that bad.

The costumes were good, they were pretty, but the show was really bad.

They had a projector which put the background or the set on a big screen in the back.  It was really fake and done really bad.  My husband, who is a huge techno geek, was ripping that apart.  Apparently, to him, it looked like they were using software from the 90's to do the background and the effects.

He said it looked like they used a Commodore 64 to do the graphics.

Oh, sorry I just looked this up:

I should have said it looked like they were using software from the 80's.

Anyway the point is the show sucked.

But we had a good time because my husband and I are on the same wave length - we spent the first half of dinner ripping the show apart.  But we did agree that the costumes were nice.

And we had a lovely dinner and drinks, one we wouldn't have had if we had stayed at the show.

I love my husband.

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