Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Work in Crazy Land

I work in a place that rewards crazy.

Two of my co-workers were screaming at each other in the hall this morning.

Apparently this started in front of some vendors they were suppose to be meeting with to finalize a major contract.

Nice -

I'm sure their reps were happy to hear obscenities - mostly the F word - being screamed in our downtown, high rise, offices.

Very professional.

And from what I can see - no one was reprimanded.  Because they are both just bopping around like nothing happened.

Never mind there was a person cowering in my cube to get away from them.

Never mind they actually scared me - I thought they were going to start punching each other - and they had me and the other person blocked in so we couldn't escape.

Never mind that this is the same person a group of us went to HR about a few weeks ago because we think he's crazy.  This same person who I know for a fact a least 2 other people have gone to HR informing them about his crazy ass behavior.  And how do I know about the other two?  Because he (Mr. Crazy himself) told me.

If this project doesn't kick off soon I'm sooo out of here.

Not a fan of crazy.

Nope. Not. At. All.


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