Sunday, June 5, 2011

Memorial Weekend

Well I'm still getting up at 3am to let this little one out.

It's a good thing she's so cute and cuddly.

And she's a total trip.  Today she decided she was still hungry so she dragged her entire food station over to my husband.

Hint. Hint.

So he fed her.

Then when he was taking Gracie out to go potty Katie took her food bowl out of the station and brought it over to me and dropped it at my feet.


I think she's going through a growth spurt.

That was 4 cups of food she had today.

Gracie eats about 4.5 cups per day.

Gracie weighs a little over 100lbs.

Katie weighs about 25lbs.

So I guess we're upping her food intake.

At least we know she knows how to communicate if she feels like she's underfed!

Anyway this post was going to be about Memorial Day - It's a bit late...but better late than never right?!

My father in law came into town to celebrate his birthday.  In the Hindu way.

So we got up a an ungodly hour on Memorial Day Monday - to be in Pearland by 7am.

Where the Hindu Temple is.

Interesting that this is in Pearland...why Pearland?!

Anyway my father in law turned 71 this year and Hindu's celebrate the 70th birthday on the 71st by having ceremonies in the Hindu Temple.

I like my father in law, he's a very nice man.

But this is not exactly how I wanted to spend my Memorial Day.

I wanted to sleep in and have a cook out with friends.

But he did fly all the way from Dubai.  And I do like him.

And this is how I spent the day...

 The parking lot - I'm not sure what this is for...maybe to bless your car?

The priest came out to say hello and to dot us.

We've been dotted.

My father in law.

The priest doing the ceremony.

My father in law at the end of the ceremony.

 Me and my hubby at the end of the ceremony.

We promptly went home had a few drinks then took a nap.  We had been at the temple for about 7 hours.  His dad didn't leave until about 4pm.

Long, long day.

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