Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Three Things...

Well I had goals for when I got home from work today.

1.  Fix dinner at home instead of eating out.
  • Check - I made an egg and bacon sandwich
2.  Blog
  • Check - doing that now...
3.  Do 10 squats
  • Haven't done that yet but plan to before bed.  
And let me tell you why the squats.  I'm getting old.

When I walk down the stairs my knee feels weak.

So I decided to do squats.  That should help - along with losing about 40lbs.  

I don't like this getting old shit.


It's not easy to maintain your weight - use to be but isn't now.

Things start sagging and falling apart.

Your hair turns grey - and not just the hair on your head.




I tired of working - I'm just not interested anymore.

It use to be an adventure and exciting.

You get out of high school you go to college.

That's exciting because WOW you're an adult.  You learn how to pay your bills, pay for school, food etc on your own (at least I had to). AND no one is telling you what to do.


Then you get your first job - Double wow!  Your making more money than you did during college.  Not much more - but it seems like so much more because you don't have to figure out how to pay for school and your apartment, and food, and gas, and the car note - you get the idea.

And you also don't need to worry how your going to get enough sleep while working full time, going to school full time, and studying.  So it's like you have all this extra time, it's exhilarating and energizing.  

Then come the promotions.  Yay!  More money.  Then you buy a house (condo for me), a new car, appliances (how exciting a washer and dryer), start saving for retirement.

Then you get married.

Travel the world. 

Then 15 years pass and now, now I'm older and I know there is way more to life than work.

So now I really can't be bothered.  

I know I have to be bothered in order to pay for my house, my dogs, food, clothes etc...

But all I really want to do is travel - in style no less - you know take a private flight with the dogs to Europe, five star hotels, villas, pdiddy man servants....

And when I'm home I want to do volunteer work, dink around the house, take my furbabies to the park, hang with my husband.

I do NOT want to go to work and interact with stupid people and deal with crap bureaucratic BS.

I am not a diplomat.  Have no desire to be one.

I'm to straight forward.  If X then Y.  I don't see D and E...

Unfortunately, I haven't won the lottery.  So I have to try to see D and E.

It sucks.  

But they make it worth it!

Gracie Playing...

Katie with her woobie...

Gracie looking cute...

And my love...

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