Thursday, April 14, 2011

Don't read this unless you're a Republican who believes in a woman's right to choose...

I don't care that I don't know Obama personally.

I just want to say HA! I told you so, you are a very naive little man.

There is a reason why Gitmo is there...not so simple to get rid of it is it?

How did that dialogue with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad go?

Crazy fucker isn't he...can't really reason with him can ya?

I realize that not many American's have lived in the Middle East and do not have first hand experience with the mentality...

But shit don't you think it's a little naive, or dare I say egotistical, to believe you are the first person to think about TALKING sense with a dictator?!

"Talking" to Mahmoud about peace, civil rights, woman's rights, etc... is going to be like talking to Kim Jong il about nuclear disarmament.

Not really going to get anywhere with it.

A friend of mine sent me this article.

And oh did I enjoy it!

You know I didn't believe in everything Bush did - mostly his policies where he tried to bring religion into politics and women's rights.

I am a strong believer that religion has no business in government - i.e. Shari'a law. And it's a slippery slope when you start referring to religion in politics - next thing you know some crack pot gets into power and women lose their jobs and are forced to pop out babies because it's some asshole's interpretation of "God's will".

And let me tell you this NO ONE in this world has the right to make decisions regarding my body except for me. Especially when you have a penis.

If you don't want a woman aborting your child then keep your dick in your pants, or make sure you are using some damn good birth control, that you use and provide yourself, and ensure the woman you're with has the same belief system you do.

If you are having sex and leaving the birth control up to the woman then you are saying to her, "I'm leaving any procreation decisions up to you".

Because let's face it, it's the woman's body being jacked up when she's pregnant and that's the least of the things she's going to have to deal with. There may be some men out there who take a 50% responsibility for the kid, but the reality is the woman is stuck with the kid, and the care and feeding of said kid. And she usually has to work outside the home.

So if she doesn't want the kid, that's her choice. And if she doesn't want to carry the kid, which can be dangerous and quite frankly unpleasant for some, that's her choice.

No one else's. Especially the President's. Unless he want's to invite me into his home and take care of me and my child for the rest of our lives, he needs to stay the hell out of my life and let me live it how I want to live it.

But other than those things I pretty much agreed with Bush. I liked his foreign policy, his bad ass attitude when it came to our safety, and I like his policies on leaving my money in my pocket.

Capitalism. That is what America is built on not Socialism.

Obama you need to read up on Capitalism. In my opinion if you didn't try to "fix" the economy we would have recovered faster.

A free market self corrects.

It needs it - so let it - the market will be more efficient if you let it work like it's suppose to.

Yes, I am a Republican, and yes, I believe in a woman's right to choose, and I believe in same sex marriage.

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