Monday, April 25, 2011

OMG but my Life is GOOD!

I'm in France, in the Loire Valley to be exact.

And I'm staying here:

Can I just say, OH MY GOD!

This place is the Fuckin' (Yes I said it) bomb!

It's everything you ever thought you would want to have in a castle stay.  I mean really.  There are stuffed LIONS in the foyer!

My bed linens are made of SILK and we have an actual wood poster bed with bed curtains.


The bed is lush.

The room is beautiful.

The grounds stupendous!

And the food, the wine, and the CHEESE!

I swear to you I've died and gone to Heaven.

Heaven is here on earth.

And I'm in it.

Here are some photos.

Yes this is the actual place where I'm staying!  This is the front.

This is our room - LOVE IT!

Our sitting room - the bedroom is to the right.

View from the bedroom (the table with the umbrella was set for us - wine and snacks...).

Our bathroom - shower to the left and toilet to the right.


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