Friday, July 15, 2011

Random Google

Sister Mary had a post.

It was primarily photos - some weird, some creepy, so I asked where she got them.

She told me.

Google / Random Images

So I too Googled.

And I received a completely different set of photos.

I'm kinda disappointed in what I got...

No Bert.

No meat baby.

No drawing of a butcher.

Nothing but these vaguely scientific photos.

Albert?  This came up in a Random search?!

I can kinda understand Chuck coming up - because he is, well, Random...not scientific, but random.

This looks like some weird ink blot test for evaluating someone's mental stability.

I call this one Alien Baby, Frozen.

Some kind of math, science problem.

Rat maze.

 Weird topographical map with random eyeballs.

Kinky sexual position - not scientific but interesting.

I'm so disappointed...where's my creepy Bert?!  Where's my freekie Ernie?

Where is MY meat baby?!

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