Wednesday, July 27, 2011


I got a new hat!!!!

I LOVE hats!

My husband is my enabler...

We went to the market - the Saturday Market in Anchorage.

And bought this hat - from a Russian lady.  Yes.  It's fur.  I'm not telling you what kind...but I will tell you that it's oh, so, soft!

This is me the next day on the way to Fairbanks to see my brother.  And of course I had to wear my HAT!

It was cold and rainy - the temp was about 60 (cold for the summer for me!).

My hat kept me toasty warm!  We stopped about 1/2 way at this cool restaurant and I had some cobbler and my husband had a root beer float.  TASTEE!

He started taking some photos - I think they turned out pretty good...

 We were having a blast.

I love my husband!

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