Saturday, February 26, 2011

Maybe a Book?

I'm thinking about writing a book.

I've had this idea swirling around in my head for months now.

It won't let me go.

So maybe I'll get it out of my head if I write about it.

It's the type of book I'd like to read but can't seem to get my hands on.

An erotic novel.

But one that concentrates on the story, some action, some adventure, set in the future, in space.

Don't ask me why space - because Lord knows the only way you'd get me up there is if the Earth was getting ready to implode.

I really, really, really do not like heights.

And I am NOT a fan of flying.

I still do it, because I'm not one to let my fears keep me from doing something I want.

And I have a friend who explains how the plane can stay up in the air really well.

Which is good since he teaches combat flying.

In the Army.

To pilots.

Anyway - getting an explanation on how it stays up helps me stay sane in the plane - but being up there, it still freaks me out.

And I'm just telling you that flying into outer space - I don't think there is enough explaining or Xanax in the world to make that bearable.

Only if the world were ending - then I'd have no choice.  Die for sure on Earth in a big ball of fire (because of course if the Earth is ending it will be in a big ball of fire - in my version anyway) or possibly die in a big ball of fire in space.

At least in space you have a chance.  And I guess one good thing is you'd be weightless.

I wonder if that means you can eat anything you want.

Because if you're weightless how can you gain weight?  Of course if you're in space, and the world has ended, you really aren't going to be able to buy an unlimited supply of Ho Ho's are you.

So I'm thinking it's a mute point.

O.K. back to the book...

I thought I'd try to write the book rattling around in my brain so at least I would have something that was exactly what I wanted to read.

But as to whether or not I'll actually finish it, that is a mystery.

I guess we'll see...

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