Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rock Climbing

Oh I am so getting out of my comfort zone.

I went out with friends Monday night, Tuesday night, and Wednesday night.

And tonight?

Tonight I went to a rock climbing gym.

I climbed up a rock wall.

Really. Me.

Up. A. Wall.

Of course, least I forget there is something even more amazing going on here.

Me.  Out on a school night.


Geez - can you believe it?!

I think I'm getting younger and more adventurous.

Or it could be I'm finally recovering from living overseas for so long.


The wall.

It was quite interesting - I learned how to climb, how to belay, and how to get down off the wall.

Which, by the way, is the most important thing to know.

I went with the group Bayou City Outdoors:

I think there were only four people there from the group and the person I was matched with had never tried rock climbing either.

So there we were, with a little girl about half our age telling us how to use the equipment, while a group of kids (yes kids they ranged in age from about 10 - 16 years old) were climbing like monkeys all around us.

Little bastards.

It was like when I went skiing and my "friends" showed me one of the runs that they said was my level (beginner) and it was actually a black diamond.


They thought it was funny to see me fall and slide down the mountain on my back because it was so steep I couldn't stop.

Then when I finally was able to stop myself this little kid - about 7 or so - skied up to me with my poles and one of my skis.

Like it was nothing.

"Here you go m'am" he said.

Little shit.

Don't get me wrong I appreciated the fact that he collected everything for me so I wouldn't have to...but really?!

Anyway, back to the rock climbing...

When I was up there on the wall I had an epiphany.

Oh, wait.

I had an EPIPHANY.

I realized that it is really no fun to do something like that with people you don't know.

I mean, how do you make fun of yourself, hanging in the air, with someone you don't know.

How do you make fun of the person you don't know without them getting offended and huffy?

Well, you don't.

Not unless you are a complete ass.

Which I am not (really I'm not).

So I left early.

But I'll go back...I'm just going to drag one of my friends with me...

With a camera.

Because really...I need photo documentation when I do something like climb a rock wall.

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