Saturday, March 19, 2011

I Love America...but....

have to say that I am glad I did live overseas if for no other reason than this one...

Work. Life. Balance.

Before living in London there is no way I would have considered it normal or desirable to take six or more weeks off a year.


Now it is MANDATORY!

Of course I could only negotiate four weeks from work...but I'll stretch that out. I mean really?! I can't imagine only having two weeks off a year.

And guess where we are going the end of April....FRANCE!

Yes I know the frogs are shits.

But the country is beautiful.

And we have been to Italy many times.

Anyway we're going back to Italy next year. Fun, Fun, Fun!

So I'm looking at our schedule and deciding what to do.

We want to go to Paris, then to the Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Toulouse (because my husband HAS to see the boeing plant), Avignon, Ax-en-Provence, Marseilles, Cannes, Nice, then Monaco.

We have 11 days.

So I believe that we may have to cut some of this out. Because I am not super traveller.

I do want to spend two nights in Paris because we are meeting friends.

Two nights in the Loire Valley because I love Chateau and I found this place:

I either want to stay in the Empress Suite or the Tower because I LOVE canopy beds.

I would stay in the Royal suite but in the photo the canopy doesn't have a top.

And any room under which I have to call for price...please you might as well say YOU cannot afford this...

After the Loire Valley I figure one day in Bordeaux, because usually those world heritage sites are pretty nice but easy to get through.

Then on to Toulouse - I don't think there is much there but the Boeing plant so we won't even spend the night.

After Toulouse Avignon and Ax-en-Provence. I've looked at Ax and know there is a ton to see, but Avignon - not really sure so that may fall off the list.

Of course Marseilles, Cannes, Nice, and Monaco I cannot miss.

But they are all within an hour or so of each other (meaning from Marseilles to Monaco is about an hour) so I just need to pick a base and stay for a few days.

Then Sunday back to Paris, and home. According to Google maps all of that will take only 24hrs driving time....who knew France was so small!

Did you know it's only 166,757,337 Acres?

Did you know that Texas is 172,044,800 Acres?

And the UK (which is Briton, the Republic of Ireland, Scotland, and Wales) is 59,698,189.11.

Texas is bigger than France, and the UK.

Can I hear a whoop, whoop! AMERICA!

I can't wait for our holiday!

It'll be so fun!

And I have a surprise....but I can't share it right now in case it doesn't work out...but I'll give you an hint...


Au Revoir!

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