Wednesday, August 3, 2011

ScyFy Serpents

I had a dream - yes another one, and yes I will continue to blog about my dreams.

I know you want to know...

Well I was dreaming this morning -

I was in a field - not sure if it was a playing field or a picnic field.

But it was a field.

And I was with my husband and apparently we just got paid.


Anyway, I wanted to go get some drinks.

So I asked one of my friends if he wanted to go.

He said he didn't think his girlfriend would let him...she was jealous of me.


I said what? I didn't say she couldn't come, bring her too.

Go get her and let's go have a drink!

(Clearly I haven't been drinking enough - I haven't had a toddy since Saturday and my body is rebelling subconsciously)

He said, um I don't know - I really don't think she'll allow it.

I said Go Get Her!

Then the scene switched and I was drinking coffee looking out of a picture window from the kitchen.

Of a house.

Not mine.

And there was a kid in the yard - she was two.

Don't ask me who she was or how I knew how old she was.

I have no idea.

Anyway she was near a tree and the serpent/snake, whatever, jumped out and started hissing at her.

Then she started to run, and I started to scream; "STOP RUNNING!  IT WILL ONLY CHASE YOU AND KILL YOU!  STOP!"

She didn't stop and the snake creature bit her.

A lot.

Then my little doggie Katie was in the kitchen with me growling.

At what you ask...

The freakin snake thing in the kitchen.

Looking at me.

Then there were a bunch of them running around in the yard and in the kitchen.

Then Katie started fighting them.

But they were biting me, killed my husband (hey when did he pop into this dream?) and biting Katie.

I realized that we were all going to die.

Then I woke up.

Crappy dream.

Why can't I dream about winning 500 million dollars?

And having to pay no tax on it?!

I'm just sayin...

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