Friday, August 12, 2011

Bert and Ernie, Sex, and Sesame Street

I saw an article this morning that was talking about how some guy had started a petition, which about 5,500 people had signed, to say Bert and Ernie are gay and should get married on Sesame Street.



Can't we just leave one thing alone?  Can't children have just one thing that has no underlying meaning other than play nice with one another?

Do we have to bring sex into Sesame Street?!

Can't I have one thing from MY childhood that is still the same, fun loving, sweet thing that is was?

Must you taint everything with sexual meanings, political leanings, and your adult crap?

Can't Bert and Ernie just be? 

Seriously what 4 year old is going to look at them and say; "Mommy, why are Bert and Ernie living in sin?  Shouldn't they be married before they go to bed and have sex?"


A small child is not going to think that.  What they are thinking - what I was thinking - is wow I want to have a sleep over with my best friend too.

What's the next thing these fools are going to petition to do? 

Add graphic illustrations of sex on Sesame Street? 

You know just so kids know that it's o.k. and all.

If you want Bert and Ernie to have sex, leave it in your own home in your own imagination. 

Leave it out of mine.

Kid's should learn about relationships and sex the same way I did.

Uncomfortable conversations with your parents (one when I was 9 that scared the shit out of me).  And romance novels.

And if you want to explore same sex relationships get the same sex romance novels. 

Actually, the same sex ones are pretty good too - I highly recommend them regardless of your sexual orientation!

They are HOT, HOT, HOT!

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