Sunday, August 21, 2011

Books that are suppose to be fluff, but aren't...

I read a book yesterday that was suppose to be a bit of fluff - you know sex, romance, happily ever after.

I got the sex, the romance, the happily ever after, but I also got something that had a deeper meaning.

Well, if you wanted to look at it that way, and if you were a dog lover.

It was scifi - Aliens were in a war with Terrans (humans that originated from Earth) who had started a war with what they thought were push over, peace lovin' Aliens.

Turns out they were peace loving, but not push overs.

A lot of Terrans found themselves captured and sold as pets.

Well pampered pets.

Like my dogs.

Some were allowed on the couch, some not.

Some owners allowed their pets on the bed, some didn't.

They were spoiled and pampered.

There were animal cruelty officers to ensure they were being treated well and not abused.

The pets could understand some words - i.e. good boy, no, and their names, simple things like this.

The owners could understand some of what the pets were trying to communicate.

The four in the story were purchased by a wealthy person who treated them well, made arrangements for them in case of his death.

Which happened.

They were well cared for by his heir.

They didn't live as long as the aliens (like dogs don't live as long as we do).

They were treated well in their old age (they had them for about 40 years so they were well into their 60's).

And then they started dying.  3 of them died within a week of each other, and the 4th one was so distraught by it that he didn't eat or drink for days.

So they had to euthanize him.

Then there was an epilouge - by the Alien.  He talked about how he loved them, would miss them, and he wondered if he made the right choice.

The way he spoke about his pets was similar to how I felt when Gabi passed away last year.

That's when it hit me - this book could be about our pets and us.

What if our dogs were actually aware and had their own language.  We understand some of what they try to communicate, they understand some of what we tell them.

They are pampered, loved, and cared for - differently by different people.

We do euthanize when we believe it's in the best interest of the animal.

And when we love them we agonize over the decisions we make.

It made me sad.  It made me miss Gabi all over again.

It not something I expected from a fluff novel.

To think.

I read them to escape.


I loved this book but I won't read it again.

Not like I usually do.

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