Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Weird Dream

Really weird.

I dreamed that my dogs were chewing up the end of my umbrella - not a normal umbrella end oh no...

One that was shaped like and made of the same material as one of those boxing balls.

You remember those right?

Like this but only a lot smaller.

And it was torn and tattered.  Very weird dream but I figure that I dreamed it because I came home to this...

Gracie decided she was bored I guess...and her toys just didn't cut it.

I think this is similar to the kids who prefer to play with boxes instead of the present.  She's got a whole box of toys.  But she wanted to rip up the toilet paper - I guess it was more fun...  You know, interactive.

The culprit up close.  The one in the front.  Not the one that's trying to look interested and innocent.

Here they are chewing on their bully sticks.  In the crate.  Together.  They actually stayed put long enough for me to take a photo.  I didn't put them in there, they sauntered in there themselves.

Who me?! I am sweet...

 I am innocent!

I just want LLLLOVVVVE!

Or a nap.  Gracie is natural born napper and cuddler.

Isn't life Grand!?

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