Monday, January 3, 2011

Beef - it's what America is cooking...

Can I just say I love the smell of beef cooking in the crockpot?!

It smells better than any old candle you can burn.

I'm cooking a brisket and it smells super yummy!!!

I start work tomorrow at my new job - I'm excited but I'm still playing the lottery.

It's up to 290 million.

The cash value after taxes will be somewhere around 105 million (I'm conservative when I estimate).

Invested at 5% the annual income would be about 5.2 million before taxes.

Which would be a monthly income of about 300k.

I can live off that...can you?


Mega Millions was increased to 330 million due to sales over New Years.

Let us calculate our monthly income...

And by "us" and "our" I mean "me" and "my".

Yeah, that's right...I'm greedy.

And selfish.

I will not be one of those people who win big and then turn up broke in 3 years.

I know the secret.


Let me say that one more time for those who didn't understand...


Spend only the income generated from the interest.

That way you won't end up on Oprah crying about how broke you are after spending all the money you won.

So let us continue on with the calculations...

Cash value of 330 million after taxes is approximately 118 million

Invested - 5% annually:  about 6 million before taxes.

Monthly income after taxes:  about 350k

This is a very conservative estimate.

I'm buying tickets...

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