Saturday, January 15, 2011

I have A LOT of catching up to do!

I'm not keeping up with the life commentary like I should be.

I'm sucking at it quite frankly right now.

I'm going to work on it and here is my first attempt to catch you up...


First I've started my new job - so far so good.  I really like it, but there's this one thing that happened...

I was invited to the 2011 kick off conference and during dinner, before the awards ceremony, I got a little freaked out.

They said Grace before dinner.

Yes I said Grace.

And while the guy was saying Grace, I did the expected.  I clasped my hands and bowed my head, but I had these frantic thoughts rolling through my mind...

Is he serious?  Grace?!

Oh Lord, he is serious....

That guy is really saying Grace...a real Grace...

One that is asking God to help specific people - not just a generic Grace for a good year...

Isn't this illegal?!  Can we be fined for this?  Or sued?

Lord knows someone in this group will most likely complain and sue...

Oh wait - it's a private company - I think they can do this....

Oh, Amen.

The girl next to me, who is also new, cut her eyes my way and asked me if I was religious.

I said not really, then she asked me if this was common in America (she's not from here), I said nope.

And we left it at that.




Gracie is going to daycare.

Yep - daycare.  She needed more human interaction with me back at work and the dog walker, well lets just say I don't think Gracie was getting what I was paying for.  I'm not sure they were even coming in to walk her.

So doggie daycare.

So far so good, she seems to like it, and lord knows they adore her.

Everyone seems to adore Gracie - she's such a lovable, klutzy, puppy!

I need to take a new photo of her - she's getting really, really, big.



I've been having some really weird dreams.  I'm not really remembering them all but there's one that's burned into my mind...

I was a man, a King.

Blond hair, blue eyes, with one of those pointy beards like back in the middle ages.  And I had two brothers.

Identical.  We were triplets.

One brother knew he was my brother, the other one had been taken at birth (how cheezy right?!) and we were trying to convince him that he was a King too.

We had all been separated at birth and given to different people to raise because the "evil" uncle, minister, whatever, wanted to kill us so he could stay in power.

We (one brother and I) knew who we were but the third had been "lost" and we had just found him.

I guess looking just like the two of us wasn't enough because we were having problems convincing him we were brothers.

Then I showed him the crown that was crusted over with barnacle looking growths that were stone in my dream.  There were really pretty, delicate, blue birds and pearls on the points of the crown.

And for some reason the crown convinced him what we were saying was true.

Oh, and we were immortal.

Cool dream huh?


I'm trying to remember the other things I wanted to blog about, but of course I've forgotten them.

I'm starting to get back on a regular schedule so I should be back to blogging more often soon.

And exercising (fingers crossed).

And cooking healthier food.

And keeping up with my friends.

And....well you get the idea,

It usually takes me a bit of time to get back into the swing of things when I make an international move.

It's pretty disruptive.

Anyhoo - bear with me there will be more to come!

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