Sunday, January 23, 2011

Team Building Texas Style!

I started a new job - a fact which I'm sure all my non-existent readers are aware.

And during the second week of this job there was a conference, a kick off meeting for the new year.

And I was invited, I stayed at the Houstonian - which by the way is NOT as nice a its reputation would lead you to believe - I've stayed at nicer hotels in Switzerland, Spain, Austria etc...

But it was nice to be included and able to stay with everyone else so I could "bond" with the team.

Anyway, during this conference there were team building activities that we could participate in, and I picked Golf with a Gun.

Only in Texas would shooting be considered an acceptable activity to bring co-workers closer together, fostering better work relationships.

Here I am working on my working relationship with my co-workers...

We shot 50 rounds, I'd never shot a shotgun before so I was quite surprised at the kick when I pulled the trigger.  I ended up with a bruise on my shoulder from the kick.  Who knew shooting was such an active sport.

Anyway, out of 50 shots I hit 7.  Well, that's what the rifle range guy and the others on my team said.  I think they fudged the numbers.  I think I only actually hit 5.  But I'll take it, it meant that I was 3rd from bottom - 18 out of 20.

Even if I only hit 5 then I wouldn't have been last - I would have been19th out of 20.  Not bad for my first time shooting.

Go Team Building!!! 

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