Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I have a pony in the house...

My puppy is no longer a puppy.

She's a pony.

She still smells like puppy.

But she's as big as a small horse.

Well not really, but she is getting big - she's just past 4.5 months old and her head is above my knee.

We had to buy a bigger kennel - the intermediate one is completely too small for her - she couldn't sit upright in it.

So now we have the XXL one sitting in the living room trying to figure out the best place to put it because it is GIGANORMOUS!

We could have just purchased the XL one but I have no idea how fast she's going to keep growing.  The vet says her growth should be more stable over the next 3 - 4 months.  But even if she only gains 2lbs a week that's still 8lbs a month.

And over the past few weeks she's been on the 5lb a week weight gain track not the 2lb per week.  Let me say this, even gaining 5lbs a week she is not a fat puppy.  Not skinny by any stretch of the imagination - but not fat either.

Growing like weed our little Gracie is.

I need to take another photo of the two of us together - documenting the growth!

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