Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tom Selleck and Steven Segal - there is no contest.

I feel like crap and I've run out of movies that are easy to watch when you feel like crap.

I've been watching the Jesse Stone movies, and they represent everything I like in a movie.

1.  Good guy against bad guy and the good guy wins.
2.  Good guy just knocks the bad guy around sometimes just because he needs it.
3.  The bad guys, the really bad ones, are always killed.
4.  Jesse Stone drinks good scotch.
5.  Tom Selleck is a good actor.
6.  Tom Selleck is the quintessential good looking, ruggedly handsome, good guy.
7.  Tom Selleck gets better looking the older he gets.
8.  Tom Selleck.

Anyway now I'm looking for some other movie / TV show to watch on itunes.  Too bad Magnum PI isn't on there yet.

I refuse to purchase any Steven Segal films.  That man doesn't realize that the coat he constantly wears does not hide the fact that he is out of shape and he is way too old to be beating the crap out of guys 1/2 his age.

He needs to work out and then watch Tom.

But of course that won't change the fact that he can't act.

So if anyone out there is reading this and has any suggestions on what to watch when you're laying on the couch like a potato because you feel like shit, please feel free to comment.

I prefer action adventure but the good guys must always win.  I also like comedy.

I don't watch drama.  If I want to cry I'll watch the news.

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