Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cookies, Christmas and the Nutcracker

Why oh why can't I stay away from my cookies?!

I ate the last 7 (yes I said SEVEN) that I had left out of the batch I made last week.  You might as well call me Santa Clause.

My cookies are REALLY good - I use coarsely ground sea salt in them and add extra butter.

Oh, sorry I mean Butter.

Because you know Butter should always, at a minimum, be capitalized.  I prefer that it be capitalized, italicized, and put in BOLD.

Fortunately I gave half of the cookies away to friends.  So at least I didn't shove the ENTIRE batch in my mouth.

Only 1/2 the batch was shoveled into my mouth.

Isn't that an unsavory visual?

My goal is to not make anymore this year.

Or at least not this week.

I WILL lose weight (this is something I chant to myself).

Well I usually think it's to myself until I notice people moving slowly away from me...

Anyway, I've lost 9lbs since my surgery and so far so good with not gaining it back.

I also lost 2 dress sizes, but I think that's because I no longer have fibroids.  Apparently my uterus was more than twice the size of a normal one.

So my stomach is no longer poking out.  Which is EXCELLENT!

And I already feel better than I have in ages.  Of course part of that I'm sure is due to the fact I'm back in AMERICA!

Where life is SUPER GOOD.  This is what I've been working on for this month...

I made plans with the hubby to go see the Nutcracker

And I'm hoping I can find someone to go to the Lights in the Heights with me:

I really enjoy it but haven't been since we moved out of the country.  This would be my first time in 6 years, but my husband is in the UK this week and will not be back until Sunday.

So I'm looking for someone else to go with.

We wanted to go to Dickens on the Strand ( but didn't for 2 reasons.

1.  We forgot

2.  Even if we didn't forget the hubby went out of town this weekend and we had a Christmas party to go to (which was fun!).

But we mostly didn't go because we forgot.

I'm going to see if there is anything else in town this month - and we may go to Asheville, NC and who knows I may go see my sister.

Decisions, Decisions....

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