Sunday, December 26, 2010

tqla Houston - Yummy!

The hubby and I went to eat on Christmas Eve.

We were going to go to a Vietnamese restaurant, but the smells coming out of the Mexican restaurant next door were too yummy to pass up.

So we walked into tqla.

And oh my, do they have a beautiful bar.

It's a full bar plus (I think this what the waiter said) they have over 100 different kinds of Tequila.

If it's not over 100, then it's a lot. The Mr. had a $25 Margarita made with Grand Marnier - I even liked it and I don't like Margaritas - he LOVED it!

I, of course, do not drink Tequila. But I do drink Vodka - and they made me a very tastee Belvedere Martini with a splash of Cranberry juice.


Then we looked at the menu.

And started salivating.

And ordering...

We decided to go with a selection of appetizers instead of a main dish.

We wanted a sampler platter.

So we ordered:

Queso Blanco with Poblanos and Chorizo
Guacamole Fresca
Crawfish Corncakes

and last but not least....


It was like a little piece of heaven. This would be another place that serves food crack. Like Lola's.

I mean WOW is the only way I can describe it.

And guess who else was eating there in the table next to us...

Billy Gibbons.

Yep the lead singer for ZZ Top and Angela's mom Dad on Bones.

And he said hello to us on his way out!

We didn't get up and talk to him or ask for a photo because well, that's rude. After all it was Christmas Eve and he was out with family / friends, not working.

But we did make eye contact and he did say hello.

It's my second famous person since we came back to Houston!

My first was Barbara Bush.

Gotta love Texas!

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